Tourist KS

model: open cockpit

lt is a typical double recreational kayak. lt comes with two comfortable seats with easily accessible and leakproof stowage compartments. At the stern, we've designed a spacious hatch to hold plenty of luggage for your weekend kayaking. Tourist KS will manage winding rivers but also lakes.

Tourist KS, your best friend on a kayaking trip.

lt is very stable, which means that even an inexperienced kayaker will quickly gain confidence on the water. Therefore, it makes a perfect choice for rentaIs and family outings. Despite its size, it is still a lightweight kayak, which will certainly make trips requiring portaging easier. A great option for beginner paddlers, but also good fun for the mare experienced ones. All these features make it a sought-after bestseller on the two person kayak market.

Tourist KS is designed to fit every paddler. Great for families with children, you can also take your dog along.


Tourist is a line of very versatile kayaks produced using the vacuum infusion technology. On offer are the three versions, differing in the materials:

model material price
Tourist KS, Tourist open Basic 2106 euro
D/K 2362 euro
Carbon 2952 euro


Tourist in action

photos by: Hubert Stojanowski