model: 505

Alaska, is a kayak for beginners in sea kayaking. It is professional equipment for those learning to cope with large bodies of water. Sleek lines, stability, speed and safety are the main distinguishing features of this kayak. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to enjoy your open water expeditions for years to come.

ALASKA, your first sea kayak.

lenght: 505cm width: 54cm cockpit: 84x46cm
weight: 23kg max. cap.: 150kg paddler weight range: 85-105kg
All of our kayaks are very comfortable and versatile, but the Alaska is unique because it was created by combining the ideas of good open water performance and safety. This well thought-out design was developed in our company as the first in the marine line and has been appreciated by users for years. Alaska will give you what is most beautiful in kayaking, the feeling of safety in exploring lakes, seas and oceans, also on longer routes.


Alaska is made with hand layup technology. Available in material: Fiber

Price: 1584 EURO



Alaska in action

photos by: Hubert Stojanowski, Bogumil Jarema Jarecki